511 Tactical 560870191 SZ TacTec Holster Pouch
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511 Tactical 560870191 SZ TacTec Holster Pouch

511 Tactical TacTec Holster Pouch
511 Tactical TacTec Holster Pouch
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Product Description

511 Tactical TacTec Holster Pouch
The TacTec Holster Pouch is a non-slip holster pouch that is web, belt and Velcro compatible for quick and easy access to a sidearm.

Non-slip traction coating Belt, Velcro and Web platform compatible

New Concealment System

Created to complement a wide number of 5.11 Tactical's products, the TacTec system allows operators, officers and CCW holders the ability to securely and confidentially carry a sidearm and magazines, including AR magazines. Magazine pouches are adjustable for length and diameter. Compatible with web and loop platforms. Imported.


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