ASP 16" P16 Belt Clip-On Baton Guaranteed in stock
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ASP 16" P16 Belt Clip-On Baton Online Sale

ASP 16" P16 Belt Clip-On Baton
ASP 16" P16 Belt Clip-On Baton
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Product Description

ASP 16" P16 Belt Clip-On Baton
The 16" P16 Belt Clip-On Baton is ideal for investigators, administers and undercover officers. These low profile impact weapons are highly powerful, providing the striking force of a standard duty baton. Their striking surfaces are made with 4140 high carbon seamless steel tubing, the strongest on the expandable baton market today. The middle shafts are manufactured from 7075 T 6 aluminum u the same metal used in an M16 receiver. This patented steel/aluminum design creates lightweight, durable and devastatingly effective weapons. The grip of the P16 is the same as the ASP Agent baton but distinct to the industry. It features a cross hatch pattern with a continuous spiral overlay that results in a smooth grip without the abrasion. When retracted, the P16 Baton is only 6.5 inches, making them easily concealed inside a pocket, purse or waistband. Both batons feature ASP's exclusive Snap Loc Clip. The clip can be placed in a variety of positions along the handle to enhance concealment and the ease with which a user can draw the weapon.

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