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Monadnock® Batons, Restraints and Training Equipment
Monadnock is a well-respected and internationally known name in law enforcement. The Monadnock expandable baton techniques can be quickly mastered and performed under stress. Over 30,000 instructors are teaching the Monadnock "Protect & Restrain" certification curricula in their respective agencies. This is a source of great pride and evidence for you to evaluate both the success and longevity of Monadnock.
ASP Batons -Tactical Batons - ASP Handcuffs
It isn't by chance that ASP™ products are the highest quality available. Each has been developed with input from the nation's most respected and tactically sophisticated law enforcement agencies. Tested and used by most elite Federal Teams, the ASP Baton has proven itself virtually indestructible. The premium materials, exceptional workmanship and flawless function set ASP Batons apart from all others in quality, durability and performance. ASP batons have super-strong aerospace alloy construction that makes them sturdy and reliable.
Smith and Wesson Batons and Accessories
Smith & Wesson Batons and Accessories Since 1852, Smith & Wesson has been known for innovation, quality, value and reliability in firearms and firearm accessories. Smith & Wesson brings the same tradition of excellence to their law enforcement products. Youll find the same level of craftsmanship in Smith & Wesson products today as you have come to expect from them in the past.
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