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Big Pistol Belt Gun Holster in Black or Camo

Big Pistol Belt Nylon Gun Holster
Big Pistol Belt Nylon Gun Holster
Item# St-22
Retail: $12.95
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Product Description

ST22 Big Pistol Belt Holster in Black or Camo This lightweight and durable nylon pistol holster is quite versatile. With lots of velcro connections, it easly slips onto your belt and carries your pistol in standard vertical fashion. However, it can just as easily connect horiztonally through your belt to be worn on the back above the butt. Adjustable straps make it easy to get the perfect fit and the safety strap for your pistol is also adjustable and opens with a plastic snap lock. This means you can silently remove the strap holding your gun in the holster when you are in a sound-sensitive situation. There is also a convenient extra magazine holding space on the front edge of the holster with a velcro cover to hold it securely in place.