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Code 3 Dashlaser with Reflector

Dash Laser by  Code 3
Dash Laser by Code 3
Item# 660XXXX
Retail: $109.99
PSO Sale price: $97.99

Product Description

Dash Laser by  Code 3
The DashLaser M by Code-3 is a multicolor, multi-flash unit that produces a 2 color signal at 100RPM / 500 Flashes Per Minute in the Standard Speed Version. Each DashLaser M comes with the Magnetic Dash Laser, the Primary (Front) Snap On Filter, Colored Reflective Film for the inboard mirror positions(not all versions), and the 5 Flash Snap on Mirror Attachment. A versatile 3 piece adjustable mounting bracket is included with every Dash-Laser M. (BEWARE of companies that want to SELL you the included bracket for an extra $ 10.00 or so. The Mounting Bracket is FACTORY STANDARD!) Some color combinations are Special Order due to Low Demand.

Fast Speed and Coiled Cord Options Available Below by SPECIAL ORDER.

The First Color Shown is the PRIMARY or FRONT FILTER color which reflects in the Outside Panels of the Mirror as well. The Second Color Shown is the reflected Color from the Inside Mirror Panels.

The Picture Above Shows a BLUE/RED DashLaser-M