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New Galco SLC Strap Sling Sale

Galco SLC Strap Sling
Galco SLC Strap Sling
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Product Description

Galco SLC Strap Sling
Following on the success of the MIL Sling, Galco has further simplified the basic tactical sling design for those who don't always wear hard body armor or tactical vests. The Simple Lanyard and Carrying (SLC) Strap offers quick and simple attachment to virtually any rifle fitted with sling swivels, and two carry positions. The first position is a conventional and comfortable two-point carrying position, allowing muzzle-up or muzzle-down rifle carry over the shoulder or across the back. In the second position u for tactical use u the SLC Strap operates much like a single-point sling, positioning the rifle at the front of the body in a safe but easily-accessed muzzle-down position. An HK-style snap hook allows quick and effortless transition between the two carry methods.

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