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Kydex Concealment Paddle Style Holster, Please specify your gun make and model during the checkout process.

Kydex Concealment Paddle Style Holster
Kydex Concealment Paddle Style Holster
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Product Description

Kydex Concealment Paddle Style Holster
Never before have Kydex holster designs been made so readily available at such a low cost. Kydex, the long time choice of custom concealment holster makers, has always been made in small numbers. Generally heat formed and shaped from sheet stock, these holsters were labor intensive, costly and often inconsistent. But, Uncle Mikes will draw from its own injection molding capabilities to produce high quality, low cost Kydex holsters with a level of detailing and quality unmatched by other methods. Adjustable paddle is a semi-rigid Kydex® design that will mold itself to the wearer's hip. It will not move around or pull out with the handgun when a draw is made. Adjustment allows for butt forward, vertical and muzzle forward carry. Holster can be worn "Behind-the-Hip", "In-Front-of-the-Hip" ("Appendix Carry") or even "Crossdraw" if the situation requires. The lead edge of the holster body is cut down to facilitate use in confined spaces or by people with shorter torsos. An excellent choice for both men and women.