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NIK Blood Alcohol Collection Kit on Sale Now

NIK Blood Alcohol Collection Kit
NIK Blood Alcohol Collection Kit
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NIK Blood Alcohol Collection Kit
Blood Alcohol Kit 4995 with Eclipse Safety Needles, Carton of 25

This In-Vitro Blood Alcohol Kit has two 10ml vacuum tubes containing 100mg Sodium Fluoride and 20mg Potassium Oxalate. It is designed to meet the requirements of those states mandating by law that the Sodium Fluoride preservative be at least 1% of the 10ml blood sample. It contains instructions for use and necessary forms, seals and certificates to establish chain-of-possession.

These kits enable responsible agencies to collect and preserve multiple specimen samples and transport them to and from the laboratory. Specially-designed mailable containers include an absorbent material, which has been approved by the Federal Express Blood/Urine Diagnostic shipping program. All established NIDA, Legal and Medical guidelines are satisfied.

NIK NIK-4995-1