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Fox Labs OC Pepper Spray 5.3 million SHU Fox Pepper OC Spray, Police Grade Pepper Spray - Buy Strongest Sprays

Pepper Spray is proven to work. Police Supply Online will only sell trusted & proven Law Enforcement OC Pepper Sprays, such as Fox LABS, Sabre Red & First Defense Technology. These Law Enforcement "OC" Pepper Sprays are non-commerical and above average in power for Police and Law Enforcement use. Police Supply Online cannot be undersold we are master distributors for all brands. ALL Pepper Spray and Inert Sprays can not be returned for any reason, unless we ship in error.

Fox Labs Pepper Spray, 5.3 million OC spray
Buy the best Pepper spray with confidence from the Pepper Spray Experts. We carry the largest selection of pepper spray including Fox Labs, Sabre Red, Def-Tech and Mace. Free Pepper Spray replacement on any Pepper Spray purchase Fox Labs pepper sprays are the best personal defense products you can buy. Fox Labs products are carried by 1,000’s of military and law enforcement agencies throughout the world. “Rated as the hottest pepper spray on the market, Fox Labs pepper sprays contain 2% OC at 5.3 million SHU.” Fox Labs pepper sprays were once only sold to the military and law enforcement personnel. Now, Fox pepper sprays are available to the public at the lowest prices only here at
Def-Tec - Defense Technology/Federal Laboratories is dedicated to producing the safest and most reliable less lethal solutions products on the market. One of the facets that separates DT/FL from others in the industry is its commitment to product integrity, training and research. By placing a strong emphasis on product controls, DT/FL ensures it is providing a quality product to the marketplace and minimizes the potential for defects or workmanship errors.
Sabre Red Pepper Spray
SABRE Civilian Defense Sprays, Pepper Spray, and Bear Spray were determined to be "The Most Potent Defense Sprays" by the P.G.R.A. FRONTIERSMAN Bear Spray and Bear Attack Deterrent contains the industry's greatest range and the maximum strength spray allowed by both the EPA and Health Canada. SABRE Law Enforcement Aerosol Projectors were determined to be "The Best Tactical Spray" and are used by many prestigious police agencies.
Mace Pepper and Defense Spray
Since the 1980s, Mace has been the leader in security products that are superior in performance and quality at an affordable price. Mace develops high quality products that have been trusted by law enforcement, military, professionals, and consumers for years. Known for their defense sprays that will disable a potential attacker with just one spray; they now manufacture pepper sprays, pepper gun, tear gas, animal repellants, attractants, and even security systems for personal and home use.