Otis Technology 1000-852 The Otis Law Enforcement Elite Cleaning Kit
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Otis Technology 1000-852 The Otis Law Enforcement Elite Cleaning Kit

Otis Technology The Otis Law Enforcement Elite Cleaning Kit
Otis Technology The Otis Law Enforcement Elite Cleaning Kit
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Product Description

Otis Technology The Otis Law Enforcement Elite Cleaning Kit
The Otis Law Enforcement Elite® is designed to clean and maintain all rifles, shotguns, and pistols from .223 Cal./5.56MM through 12 Gauge. This one cleaning system eliminates all the multiple systems required to service and clean this wide range of firearms. This weapons maintenance system provides you the necessary tools to completely break down and clean some of the most critical parts of your firearm. The Law Enforcement Elite® includes our popular Deluxe Law Enforcement Cleaning System. This cleaning system can be removed from the large nylon case and can be put on your belt while on duty, or it can be tossed in your bag when heading to the range. The Elite® includes 8", 20" and 30" Memory-Flex® cleaning rods which allow you to clean any barrel length from Breech-to-Muzzle®. The Otis cleaning patches are 100% cotton, and they will clean every rifle, pistol and shotgun. Their design allows for up to six cleanings per patch. The Memory-Flex® cleaning rods, solid brass slotted tips, cleaning patches, bore brushes, and an all-in-one cleaner, lubricant, and preservative allow you to quickly clean the receiver, chamber, neck and bore. Also with these components, you can easily strip the copper from the bores. The brass obstruction removers are used to knock out bore obstructions and stuck cases. The components from the brass scraper tool set are specifically designed to clean the hard to reach areas of your firearm. The brass scraper helps to clean carbon deposits from flat surfaces such as the bolt face and rails. The handy picks are engineered to clean the locking lugs, while the pin punch can be used to remove pins from any firearm held together with a pin system. The end brush is used to remove carbon and to lubricate the slides. The male and female rod handles can attach to any of the brass scraper components to increase their length.

The included optics cleaning gear contains everything necessary to preserve the quality and functionality of scopes, infrared night vision equipment, rangefinders, laser sighting devices, binoculars, cameras and eyewear. Fast, gentle, and accurate cleaning of dust, fingerprints, dirt, water spots, etc. can be accomplished in minutes with the lens cleaner, lens tissues and mohair lens brush. Don't let the poor accuracy of unclean optics prevent you from achieving the results you deserve.

All of the components in the Law Enforcement Elite® are neatly stored in a black nylon and a rust proof case. Also featured in the Elite® is a zippered side pocket for extra space; a good place to store ear protection, gloves, large magazines, or other tools you feel necessary for in the field or range maintenance.

The Elite® is a complete and portable armorer's gun cleaning center, with over 40 gun cleaning components, a detailed gun cleaning guide, and a Lifetime Warranty. The Otis Law Enforcement Elite® is the Hallmark of Excellence in firearm maintenance.

- Dimensions: 15 1/4" x 8 3/4" x 4 1/2"

Instructional DVD and pad lock is no longer included with this kit.

Otis Technology 1000-852