Sirchie Atomic Absorption Analysis Kit (Box of 10)
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Atomic Absorption Analysis Kit (Box of 10) on Sale

Sirchie Atomic Absorption Analysis Kit (Box of 10)
Sirchie Atomic Absorption Analysis Kit (Box of 10)
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Product Description

Sirchie Atomic Absorption Analysis Kit (Box of 10)
Atomic Absorption Analysis is considered to be the most effective method for detecting gunshot residue on a suspect's skin or clothing. The process tests for barium and antimony, present in the primers for many popular brands of ammunition, as well as the copper and lead used to make cartridge cases and projectiles. When a weapon is fired, traces of these elements are left on the shooter's hands.

Because the test is so sensitive, all components must be kept free of contamination. Each test kit is handled under highly controlled conditions to keep them sterile. The kit contains a KCP polyethylene dispenser with controlled flow applicator and protective cap containing 3 milliliters of 5 percent nitric acid solution, six open-end contaminant-free vials with polypropylene closures, a police seal warning label, a pair of latex powder-free gloves, and a molded styrene protective case.

To use, simply swab the suspect's firing hand, focusing on the thumb web and the back of the hand.

Sirchie AAA100 Specs Tests for gunshot residue Detects antimony, copper, barium and lead Assembled under controlled conditions to prevent contamination 3 milliliters 5 percent nitric acid solution 6x contaminant-free vials with swabs and polypropylene closures 1x police seal warning label 1 pair latex powder-free gloves Styrene protective case Dimensions: 4.625 x 3.5 x 0.875 inches Box contains ten testing kits