Sirchie Basic Yellow 25 gram forensic police sale
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Basic Yellow 25 gram fluorescing dye Crime Scene Supply

Sirchie Basic Yellow 25 gram
Sirchie Basic Yellow 25 gram
Item# sirchie-basic-yellow-25-gram-fluorescing-dye
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Product Description

Sirchie Basic Yellow 25 gram
When fingerprint details are difficult to recover, Sirchie's Basic Yellow fluorescing dye is an excellent solution. The cyanoacrylate fuming method, or "super glue method," offers spectacular results; however, some background surfaces make it hard to record resulting prints. To make prints more visible with finer detailing, the dye combines with the white, translucent prints to form compounds that seem to glow when exposed to UV lighting. The odorless formula takes about one minute to set, making it optimally-suited for field or laboratory use. Prints can be sprayed, dusted or submerged. Count on the effectiveness and versatility of the Basic Yellow for successful recovery of vital physical evidence.

Sirchie LV507 Specs Compatibility: Ultraviolet or BLUEMAXX™ illumination Fluorescing dye combines with cyanoacrylate fuming method Develops and records latent fingerprints from multi-colored surfaces Creates a glowing image under ultraviolet lighting Volume: 25 grams