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Blood Specimen Collection Kit

Sirchie Blood Specimen Collection Kit
Sirchie Blood Specimen Collection Kit
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Sirchie Blood Specimen Collection Kit
Collect and deliver blood specimens safely and with confidence using the Blood Specimen Collection Kit from Sirchie. Designed for law enforcement and forensic professionals, the comprehensive kit features all essential tools for collecting testable blood specimens without risk of pathogen transmittance or contamination. The kit includes all items needed to securely mail the sample through the U.S. Postal Service without compromising the sample's integrity. An iodine prep pad sterilizes injection sites, ensuring no outside contamination, while a multi-sample needle, tourniquet and two blood collection tubes provide everything needed to draw and store a viable sample. FDA-approved Blood Tube Integrity seals ensure that samples are not tampered. A blood collection sheet, police officer's report and consent form have been included to protect against liability suits.

Sirchie BSC100 Specs Components: 2x Blood tube integrity seals, 1x tube address label and seal, 1x police officer's report, 1x instruction sheet, 1x kit tube (5 x 2.5-inches), 1x consent form, 1x blood collection report, 1x needle with luer adapter multisample (21 ga. x Contains everything needed to safely test and secure a blood sample USPS approved tube mailer for secure transport All consent and officer report forms included Instructions included