Sirchie Disposable Shake-N-Cast Kit evidence supply
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Disposable Shake-N-Cast Kit Evidence Supply by Sirchie

Sirchie Disposable Shake-N-Cast Kit
Sirchie Disposable Shake-N-Cast Kit
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Product Description

Sirchie Disposable Shake-N-Cast Kit
Skip the mess, the clean up, and the rest of the inconveniences! Sirchie's Disposable Shake-N-Cast Kit does the dirty work for you. These casting kits include four pre-measured pouches and two disposable COREX frames, all packages together in a cardboard case and a zip locked plastic bag. Each Shake-N-Cast pouch contains Sirchie-formulated gypsum for casting, paired with a water capsule for easy mixing and pouring. One packet provides enough material to cast one tire tread or two footprints. Just toss the Disposable Casting Frame when you're done gathering evidence at the crime scene.

Sirchie IMPSNCD4 Specs Four pre-measured pouches Two Disposable Casting Frames of COREX Sirchie's gypsum plaster formula Water capsules for easy mixing One pouch casts one tire track or two footprints Cardboard case includes zippered plastic bag