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Item# streamlight

Product Description

Streamlight, Top Brand equals Top Quality. These Streamlights don't play around! D.T. Distributors will not be under sold, with a honest Low Price Guarantee. Toll Free 1-866-538-3478.

Streamlight 20X BLK
Streamlight 20X is used by Police Department worl wide. Al Streamlight 20 X comes with AC/DC Chargers. STreamlight 20X offers a no hassel warranty.
Streamlight 20X BLK 26010
Streamlight 20XP
Streamlight 20XP comes with AC/DC Chargers and your choice of Orange or Yellow. Streamlight 20Xp offers a no hassel warranty
Streamlight Stinger AC/DC Charger
All Streamlight Stingers come with AC/DC Chargers. STreamlight Stinger is the most possible flashlight we sale.
Streamlight Stinger AC/DC Charger 75014
Streamlight Poly Stinger Blk.
Streamlight Poly Stinger come with AC/DC Chargers. Streamlight poly Stinger offers a no hassel warranty
Streamlight Poly Stinger Blk. 76514
Streamlight Scorpion Blk.
2-3 volt lit. batteries
Streamlight Scorpion Blk. scorpionblk
Streamlight M3 Tactical Light
Streamlight M3 Tactical Light for Glocks and other guns. Streamlight M3 was voted the #1 M3 light in the Police industry. Streamlight M3 tactical lights.
Streamlight M3 Tactical Light 69001
Streamlight Cuffmate
Standard Universal Handcuff with a Blue Led Light that will last a bulb that will last a life time.
Streamlight Cuffmate streamcuf
Replacement Lamps
Stinger and Scorpions
High quality molded nylon stinger flashlight case, with snap closure.
2-3 volt replacement batteries
Replacement battery for SL-20, SL20X & Mag
Streamlight M6 Tactical Light
The M-6 Tactical Laser Illuminator offers a uniquely integrated, high-powered, visible laser combined with a high-intensity, white light in a military proven design. Light weight and value priced, the M-6 adds just 3.7oz to a weapon, and won't break your budget
Streamlight M6 Tactical Light 69021
Stinger Upgrade Kit
Convert your Stinger and Stinger XT flashlights into HP High Performance Stingers. Increases their candlepower from 15,000 to 40,000.
Streamlight Survivor
Streamlight Survivor has been a proven tough light for firemen across the nation. The rechargable light comes with a AC charger and battery and a standard 25,000 CP smoke cutter optic bulb. DC charge's and extra batteries are available.
Streamlight Survivor Surv.
Streamlight Stylus
Stylus™ lights are an effective tool while preserving precious night vision. Reading and close up inspections are not a problem when a Stylus™ is in hand. Waterproof aluminum case. Versatile clip attaches to pocket or clothing.
Streamlight Litebox
Standard System: StreamLight's LiteBox standard rechargeable system includes 120 volt AC, 12 volt DC chargers, shoulder strap and mounting rack. Available in 8W spot, 20W spot, or 20W flood
Streamlight Litebox 45704
Streamlight Jr. W/Batteries
Two AA alkaline batteries, Midget flange based bulb, Machined aluminum housing with anodized finish; shock and water resistant; unbreakable polycarbonate lens
Streamlight Jr. W/Batteries Stramjr.