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Streamlight Stinger Flashlights - Rechargeable Police Lights

Streamlight Stinger Flashlights - Rechargeable
Streamlight Stinger Flashlights - Rechargeable
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Product Description

Streamlight Stinger Flashlights - Rechargeable
For police officers (carrying a load of police equipment on their belts) having lightweight and compact flashlights that supply enough light to the scene is a major benefit. Often, police officers find themselves in conditions that are less than ideal. In these situations, the Streamlight Stinger flashlight is standard equipment. The Streamlight Stinger flashlights are the most powerful line of rechargeable flashlights for their size ever built. The Streamlight Stinger is tough with a virtually indestructible case. The sturdy construction of the Streamlight Stinger and its tremendous power provide the kind of reliable partnership that can, quite literally, make the difference between life and death. The Streamlight Stinger flashlight offers many of the advantages of a full size flashlight, but in a case the length of your palm. Few flashlights have changed the rules like the Streamlight Stinger flashlight. View the many Streamlight Stinger accessories available for your Streamlight Stinger flashlight shown below.

Pushbutton switch

7.4" long and weighs only 10 oz

Battery rechargeable up to 1,000 times

15,000 Candlepower Xenon bulb

Simultaneously charge spare battery with piggyback charger

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