Voodoo Tactical Shoulder Holster - Right Hand
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Voodoo Tactical Shoulder Holster - Right Hand

Voodoo Tactical Shoulder Holster - Right Hand
Voodoo Tactical Shoulder Holster - Right Hand
Item# vdt25-001501000
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Product Description

Voodoo Tactical Shoulder Holster - Right Hand

Concealed design with horizontal carry right hand cross-draw holster with attached space magazine carrier. Double mag pouch is attached to the right side so you'll never run out of ammo. Fully adjustable belt loops, harness and pouch. Made of Ballistic Polycloth. Accessories not included. One size fits most.

Right Handed Only

Product Q&A Will a S&W M&P .45 fit in this holster? Are there any adjustments to adjust the distance between the shoulder straps?

Yes it will fit. Straps are fully adjustable. I have a Kel Tec P11 9mm, will it fit in the Voodoo Tactical Shoulder Holster?

Yes, it will fit the P11. Will this holster fit a berretta M9?

Yes, it will fit the Beretta M9. Will this fit a GSG 1911?

This will work for all 1911 firearms. Will this item fit a CZ 83, 9x18 Makarov?

Yes, this holster should fit the CZ 83. Will this fit a taurus pt 740 slim

Yes it will fit the Taurus PT 740 Slim. Will a Glock 35 fit in this holster?

Yes, it should fit the Glock 35. Do you all have the left hand?

Unfortunately this item is right handed only. Will my Springfield XD 9mm with a 16 round clip fit comfortably and secure in this shoulder holster?

Yes it should, this holster is designed to fit most medium to large frame autos and the holster does feature a velcro thumb break strap for extra retention.